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Rhonda - Re: insect ID

I wrote:
+ >snailmail the picture or photo to me at the post office box address below
+ >will scan it, put the scan on my site, and see if I, or someone else can
+ >identify it.  I will then post the identification and -- if the sender has
+ >included his/her e-mail address with the photo, I will even post a reply
And Rhonda replied:
+ I have a few questions. In addition to being an aquarium enthusiast and 
+ using live foods I'm also interested in aquatic insects in general.
<Snip>do you have aquatic insect 
+ information on your web page and what is the URL?

We do not have much info as yet but such a page is under construction.
primary aquatic animal life info will be 
dragonfly larva
various worms
midge and mosquito larva
.... Any other suggestions?

Visit our web page.