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Re: Daphnia Source

David wrote: 

>Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 14:53:12 -0500
>From: "David Jones" <pommie at concentric_net>
>Subject: Daphnia Source
>Hi all, 
>	can anyone advise where I might purchase Daphnia.?
>I used to live in England where Daphnia occurred in almost any pond that
>you cared to visit, living now in Texas I have been unable to find any. I
>wonder if anyone knows roughly the geographic range of Daphnia in  North
>America as I am kind of curious about what climate is naturally suitable
>for their survival.
They live almost all over the US, but the trick is to find waters where the 
fish don't eat all of them. In Calif. our regular spring rains fill ponds that 
dry out in fall, and the daphnia outproduce the fish fry for the first few 
months. By summer they are gone. Try Lake Lagunita on the Stanford campus, in 
May, for example. Ponds without fish are very rare -- someone will introduce an 
entirely unsuitable "mosquitofish" for sure!

IDK when or where you can find such waters in a place like Texas. Look for 
temporary, recently-filled ponds for the most likely places for them. In the 
southern part of the state, it may actually be too tropical (and too flat) for 
them, and they may be more rare.

For purchase, most of us rely on the local aquarium societies or specialized 
local fish clubs for live-food starters. Carolina Biological supplies 
researchers with many live cultures, and the American Killifish Association has 
them in their Business Newsletter, from time to time.

Good luck,



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