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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #25

>Subject: Bugs, bugs and more bugs
>>There's an entomologist gentleman they call Baldo the bug
>>man on my rose newsgroup, he's got a web page, if anyone is curious I'll
>>look up his address & we can see if he'd be interested in trying to answer
>>our questions on alien aquatic life forms.
>in the body of a message to "Majordomo at ActWin_com".  Archives are
>available on the web at http://www.actwin.com/fish/live-foods
>or via FTP to ftp.actwin.com in /pub/aquaria/live-foods.

I have a very extensive aquatic library which includes several books on
aquatic life other than fish. If no one else is willing then I will always
be happy to try to help. Try and provide a description as unfortunately
unless you know the scientific name the US and UK names are often very

Contact me eiter via this digest or at
xenotoca at clara_net