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Aquatic Insects

Hi, I was just looking back at some of the live food digests, I had saved, 
trying to get my email all sorted out and caught up again and I was 
interested in this item.

>Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 15:46:30 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Larval1 at aol_com
>Subject: How much is that critter in the window?

>Well it is really hard for even an entomologist - let alone the average 
>keeper .....

>I realize that this type of  question (what is this bug -- insect lava --
>critter?) come up all the time.  So I am willing to do the following:  If 
>snailmail the picture or photo to me at the post office box address below I
>will scan it, put the scan on my site, and see if I, or someone else can
>identify it.  I will then post the identification and -- if the sender has
>included his/her e-mail address with the photo, I will even post a reply

I have a few questions. In addition to being an aquarium enthusiast and 
using live foods I'm also interested in aquatic insects in general. In fact 
I'm working right now on adding aquatic insect information to my web page 
(hopefully it will be up in a month or so). I don't have a telephoto on my 
camera but there will be drawings to go with it.

My questions were, are you an entomoligist? and do you have aquatic insect 
information on your web page and what is the URL? I sometimes have some 
questions regarding insects and I'm sure even more will come up as I 
continue researching information for this part of my web page. I also would 
like to raise some types of insects in my home aquariums, and find that in 
general many are very hard to keep alive for any length of time. 

Thank You,

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