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Fwd: Daphnia Food?

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UncleScott <UncleScott at prodigy_net>

Should we be careful using the manure of carnivores for daphnia culture?
I've had pleasing results with 1/2 or 1/4 bag of COMPOSTED cattle manure
from the garden center per 30 gallons of culture water. However when an
aquarist who also raised horses called up and asked for a daphnia
starter, I asked him if I could in turn have a couple of meadow muffins
from the stable. He reluctantly agreed with the proviso that I let the
stuff cook (in the holding container) a while before using it on the
daphnia. (And the bacterial action was such that the sealed plastic
bucket was quite warm to the touch!)

	With the droppings of carnivorous beasties, especially those one
monitored, what is the danger of bringing along protists and other
disease/parasitical organisms? This enquiring mind wants to know before
he begins sucking on the siphon tube to manure fed daphnia tanks.

				All the best!


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