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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #21

>Actually they do sell a house fly medium (1997 catalog). They even sell
>an entire house fly culturing kit (my catalog is in a moving box so a
>don't have item # or price). I have the fruit fly medium already. When I
>catch flies in my window, my tarantulas love me. if I could catch
>enough, i'm sure my fish and frogs would love me. That's why I was
>wanting to try a starter culter. I'm just trying to be cheap and see if
>anyone has a less expensive method.
PS if anyone want's to sell me a fruit fly culture starter, I would be
>very gratefull.

The maggots sold by fishing tackle stores can be used as you wish, simply
place the maggots and small quantity of bran in a jar or container with a
small hole in the lid as the flies hatch they make for the hole and emerge.
The reptiles and amphibians soon learn to wait around the hole. As for
culturng your own maggots I will be featuring this on my web pages this
month (will let you all know when new page is up)
Daleco can supply starter cultures and medium with full cultural
instructions. They are on our links page.
>>Would the guk at the bottom of my yeast co2 mix be food for any cultures?
>>wondering if brine shrimp might eat it. It seems such a waste to toss it
>>every month.

My advice is to dump it it is hard to judge the correct amount to feed in
confined containers without the added problems of a concentrated mixture as
you describe. I assume the yeast is dead anyway as the culture has stopped
fermenting. (are you using it for aquatic plants). Perhaps if you had a
large daphina pond it might be worth dumping one lot to see if production
increased but dont count on it.

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