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Ghost Shrimp

Has anybody had any experience propagating ghost shrimp?
I've had a group of about 20 shrimp in a 10 gallon tank
for several months now.  The females cycle through eggs
every now and again, but so far I haven't seen a single
baby shrimp.   

  The current tank has a 1/2 inch of soil covered by
1.5 inches of sand.  There is a sponge filter, a large
piece of drift wood and some water sprite.  Duck weed
covers the surface.  Algae is kept very low apparently
by the shrimp and the reduced light provided by the
duck weed.  There are no other tank inhabitants.
I have fairly soft water, but have several crushed 
shells and sand dollars in the tank to buffer the pH

  So far, they have been subsisting on what little
algae grows in the tank (and a fist sized glob of
hair algae which they wittled away into nothing) and
supplemental fish food.  I suspect that I just haven't
yet stumbled on the "ideal" diet for either the adults
or babies.

Any ideas?

David Robinson
robinson at ichips_intel.com