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Re: re: fly medium

> Jeremy asked -
> >Has anyone tried the house fly medium sold by Carolina Biological
> >supply? Does any one know what the ingredients that they use are?
> >Any body want to sell me a wingless (or flightless) fruit fly culture?
> I think you mean fruit fly medium and yes, I have.   It's excellent and
> easy to use.  Don't know the ingredients but will check on Tuesday
> (assuming no one's posted them already).  Carolina also has fruit fly
> cultures.
> Cynthia

Actually they do sell a house fly medium (1997 catalog). They even sell
an entire house fly culturing kit (my catalog is in a moving box so a
don't have item # or price). I have the fruit fly medium already. When I
catch flies in my window, my tarantulas love me. if I could catch
enough, i'm sure my fish and frogs would love me. That's why I was
wanting to try a starter culter. I'm just trying to be cheap and see if
anyone has a less expensive method.


PS if anyone want's to sell me a fruit fly culture starter, I would be
very gratefull.