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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #16

>	Cultering mysis shrimp

As there was just a question and no answer I am assuming it was just a

I think the correct term is Mysid shrimp. I have never seen this shrimp in
the UK but if it is similar to the freswater shrimps found here in the UK
then the best method is to introduce a starter culture into a fish free
garden pond that is heavily vegitated. Especially the dreaded thread algae
(if it is of the course type ie. can be removed in great mats witout
breaking up) seem to harbour great colonies of the shrimps. As they are
scavengers they feed on the dead vegitation on the bottom and algae as well
as other dead fish ect. In most tanks the fish ignore them and they just
make interesting scavengers growing fat on the uneaten fish food
(commercial culture uses trout pellets). Some large fish Chichlids, large
goodieds ect will eat them however.

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