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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #10

In a message dated 97-08-20 09:48:28 EDT, you write:

<< Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 22:48:12 +0100
 From: Roger Winter <xenotoca at clara_net>
 Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #9
 Subject: insect larvae
 >>     In some of my outdoor daphnia rearing containers I have found some 
 >>     interesting insect larvae. Some are easily identifiable as mosquito 
 >>     larvae and others look like chironomid (sp?) (blood worm) larva. I 
 >>     noticed another type which I hope someone can identify. It is about 
 >>     the size of a mosquito larva, very black, more round shaped than a 
 >>     mosquito larva.My killies seemed to enjoy eating it as they do other 
 >>     insect larvae. Any ideas?
 >>     Steve P in Vancouver BC
 	I wonder if this is the Black worm that was the subject of many posts just
 before the old live food list went down. I do get a certain percentage of
 Tubifix worms in my daphina cultures and as several varieties of aquatic
 bristle worms exist they could be one of these. The other culprit could be
 a small variety of leech that sometimes come in with wild caught live food
 whilst not popular with all species some do eat them.

Well it is really hard for even an entomologist - let alone the average fish
keeper to identify descriptions such as the one above -- this is NOT a flame!
 I would suggest to the original poster that if you really want to know what
they are to take a picture of them.  If you can't photograph them draw a
simple picture.  Try to put the size scale into the photo or picture --
either draw it in by hand or use a ruler in the photo.  Once you have a
picture scan it into your computer and post it on the web -- WAIT, I realize
that many people do not have a scanner.  I also realize that many people do
not have their own site that can be accessed from the web.  However, I do not
allow downloading of ANY files sent to me electronically, so a picture posted
on the web is the only kind I will look at.  It is also a good way of
avoiding obnoxious stuff.  I realize that these questions (what is this bug
-- insect lava -- critter?) come up all the time.  So I am willing to do the
following:  If you send the picture or photo to me at the post office box
address below I will scan it, put the scan on my site, and see if I or
someone else can identify it.  I will then post the identification and if the
sender has included his/her e-mail address I will post a reply directly back
to them.

Critter Photos
P.O. Box 641541
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1541

What you get:
Identification of your critter.
What I get:
A better informed fish keeper who is more willing to feed live food.  And
expanded information on my web page.

If you do send you e-mail address I will _NEVER_ sell it, give it away, or
release it for any reason.