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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #12

>	Plastic pools
>As pointed out by Bill Gallagher of the killies list, now is a good time to
>buy plastic wading pools for kids (or for raising daphnia, bloodworms,
>mosquito larvae, glassworms, etc).
>These pools don't have much going into them, and they do degrade due to
>exposure to sunlight.  Heat and cold aren't too great for them, either.
>However, they're normally non-toxic, and can be a great, cheap source for a
>temporary 100g tank.

Whilst the kiddies paddleing pools have got a lot going for them price wise
they are to shallow for most tropicials kept outdoor in the UK summer. Two
better and more practicial solutions are.
1. The large plastic water tanks now used in lofts (roof space here in UK)
2. Fibreglass ponds

Both have sufficent depth to allow the keeping of tropicals outdoors from
May to September and if used for cultures will also provide various other
livefoods such as freswater shrimps and thier ilk. Also even if they frezze
during the winter the resting daphina eggs will survive and restart next

Here in the UK we have various magazines that consist of ads for seconed
hand goods. Ponds and tanks apper in these from as low as 10:00 
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