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Plastic pools

As pointed out by Bill Gallagher of the killies list, now is a good time to
buy plastic wading pools for kids (or for raising daphnia, bloodworms,
mosquito larvae, glassworms, etc).

These pools don't have much going into them, and they do degrade due to
exposure to sunlight.  Heat and cold aren't too great for them, either.
However, they're normally non-toxic, and can be a great, cheap source for a
temporary 100g tank.

I did a few calculations and found that with a circular pool, filled with
12" (30 cm) of water:

36" -> 53 gallons
48" -> 94 gallons
60" -> 147 gallons

You can quickly and cheaply add significant water handling ability to your
fish room or backyard if you need it.

Comments welcome.

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