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Re: House Flies

I have found a set-up that works well for fruit flies and house flies, is 
easy and cost effective. In a pint size disposable plastic container, add 1/2 
teaspoon of mashed potato powder, 1/4 teapoon of yeast and 1 tablespoon of 
water. Make a hole about 1/2 inch diameter  in the cover and place outside. 
In about 5-6 days the culture will be full of maggots. Here in Puerto Rico I 
get mostly fruit flies but once in a while I get larger house-fly larvae. 

To harvest fill the container with water, cover the hole and shake 
well, strain with a brine shrimp net and wash with tap water, yields 
about a teaspoonful of larvae per container.

The container can be reused several times.

-Ramon A. De La Cuetara