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Re: grindal worms max temp

Got your message on the list. Thanks for the reply.  I am thinking about
this because we are getting up into the 90's and very high humidity here in
Honolulu. I recalled my work with insects and finding that high humidity at
hig temps were deterimental.  I have the cultures in the shade, but ambient
air temp is getting to be 92 F with humidity 85% (at least).   I am
considering bringing them into the office where the AC keeps things at 78F.

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 21:05:30 +0400
From: vahe at arminco_com
Subject: Re: grindal worms max temp

Mine are doing fine at 80-82 F (26-27C). Moreover,
grindals do better at higher temps rather then in cold. I think that your
problem rather concerns white worms:
they like cold, around 65F and I lost my culture too,
when it got too wam this summer... If you want,
I can check max temps in the encyclopedia of live foods
tomorrow, and send you an e-mail.

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