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Keeping Daphnia?

I have finally found sources for Daphnia cultures, but I am having
trouble sorting through all the conflicting culturing information.  Some
say add bubbles, some say don't, some say add egg yolk, others say yams,
brewer's yeast... and I can't find any info on the best way to harvest
and clone the cultures.  How many Daphnia can be harvested at once, and
how often?  How many Daphnia should be moved to the fresh culture?  I
have a culture with brewer's yeast, some algae scrapings, and no
aeration (sp?), and I don't think any of the critters are dead, but they
don't seem to be multiplying either.  My fish are crazy for these guys,
and I would really like to be able to supply them in large amounts.  I
would appreciate hearing from anyone who has successful Daphnia cultures
how they do it.  I can culture inside or out, but I only have room for
one 10g culture tank, or a few smaller ones.  Thanks, all!