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Re: Wingless Fruit Flies

I got a starter culture of wingless F.F. from the biology department at
OSU and within 6 generations almost every (3 out of 4) fruit fly had a
full set of wings. I wonder if a wild one snuck in and ruined my batch
or just plain old genetics got to em. I tried starting a new culture
with a few of the wingless ones I had left, but no luck. Right now I am
fruitflyless! Anyone interested in sending me a new starter cultuer?   

> I have been raising wingless fruit flies for about 2 years with excellent
> results.  When I started out, I had read that the wingless genetic trait
> was regressive and that eventually, the fully formed wings would begin to
> show up in offspring. This has not happened and I was wondering if any
> readers/subscribers have actually had this happen to them.