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Re: Insect larvae

Steve P. wrote: 
>Date: Mon, 18 Aug 97 13:52:21 PST8
>From: spushak at CCGATE_HAC.COM
>Subject: insect larvae
>     In some of my outdoor daphnia rearing containers I have found some 
>     interesting insect larvae. Some are easily identifiable as mosquito 
>     larvae and others look like chironomid (sp?) (blood worm) larva. I 
>     noticed another type which I hope someone can identify. It is about 
>     the size of a mosquito larva, very black, more round shaped than a 
>     mosquito larva.My killies seemed to enjoy eating it as they do other 
>     insect larvae. Any ideas?
>     Steve P in Vancouver BC

IDK, but this sounds a lot like the immediate, pre-emergent phase of the 
good old mosquito.  They sort of ball up with their back at the surface 
(instead of the tail tubes) before splitting open and flying away. 

The next stage is evident, as complaints from spouse or neighbors start to 
flow in. :^)



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