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Red worm culture

OK, here is a post.

I have a red earthworm culture that has been running for about two
years, on a peat substrate (very soggy now, but still very productive).
I feed them dried plant material and various types of ground seeds
(corn, birdseeds, rice, beans, whatever goes bad in the house).


- I addition to the white mites that have been residents of the culture
for a long time, I noticed more recently some very small (say, 0.5 mm or
less) reddish , round beetles, which congregate in big numbers. I assume
they will not give substantial problems: anybody has any experience with
them? I even tried to feed them to the tetras, but they ignored these
little bugs.

- does anybody know if the number of worms escaping from the culture box
correlates to any variable that can be corrected (availability of food,
humidity, etc.)?