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re: Live Foods list

>  Original text: 
>  From: Jeremy <adamsjer at ucs_orst.edu>, on 8/18/97 1:21 AM:
>  To: killies at mejac_palo-alto.ca.us
>  Has anyone had success with the live foods mail list? I "joined"
>  succefully but have never recieved a single message. I have even tried
>  to post to see if it was working and got nothing back. If anyone is
>  using it seccessfully then let me know the proper "joining" address and
>  a home page for it if there is one.
There is a new live-foods at actwin_com mailing list that has been recently
set up.  This list currently has about 150 subscribers and very little
traffic to-date.  I attribute the lack of traffic to lack of traffic,

The live-foods at actwin_com list is in digest-only format, meaning that
you'll normally get two digests per day if there are any postings.

Richard Sexton had set up a livefood at aquaria_net list about a year ago that
was quite active.  When his system crashed several months ago, that list
stopped, and I haven't gotten a single message from it since.  I sent a who
livefood to majordomo at aquaria_net and got no response, so I assumed that
all the aquaria.net mailing lists are down.  That's why I contacted Mark
Rosenstein, the maintainer of the FINS site and owner of the NANFA and
Aquatic Plants Digest lists, and proposed the live-foods at actwin_com list.

There are two major differences between the live-foods at actwin_com and the
livefood at aquaria_net lists.  The live-foods at actwin_com list is a digest,
while the livefood at aquaria_net is/was a normal, message-by-message mailing
list.  Also, the live-foods at actwin_com is auto-moderated, forwarding all
postings from non-subscribers to the moderator for approval (an anti-spam
technique).  All posts from list subscribers go automatically to the list.
This type of auto-moderation requires some commitment on the part of the
moderator, but if the moderator only runs one list (as in this case), that
time commitment is fairly minimal.  To my knowledge, the
livefood at aquaria_net list is unmoderated, with all submissions going to the
list whether the submitter is subscribed or not.  Richard will be able to
clarify that last point.

Also, Richard and I have communicated briefly about the possibility of list

I hope this helps,

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