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Re: [Live-foods] Live-Foods Digest, Vol 48, Issue 1

Depend son the species, size, fry or adults, and what you have on hand.

For killis?  Mainly vinegar eels, Walter worms, mincroworms, grindal worms, white worms.  And most seem to prefer baby brine shrimp hatched within 24 hours.  I prefer the grindals, since they can grow on chopped up newspaper, or worm bedding, which is basically the same as chopped newspapers.

Another is earth worms, which are easy to raise.  Same with confused flour beetles.  Meal worms can be fed whole to large killis, or baby worms, or chopped in pieces.

Black worms live in water, can be fed simple foods.  However, you must make partial water changes or they spoil.

Daphnia are great.  And, you can feed the black worm water changes to the daphnia, and they will love it.  I have actually raised daphnia with blackworms.  It was unitentional.  However, I did observe them both in the same tank

There is a new book on raising life foods that is EXCELLENT, "Culturing Live Foods", by Hellwig.

What kinds of fish are you raising?  Im hoping to visit India in the next few years, an hopefully, can bring fish back... or eggs.

Jim, in Sterling, VA, USA.

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this is Indranil Ghosh ..........wanna kno a alot about live foods .. 
wannameet all ppl here 
gud day waitin for reply plz

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