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Re: [Live-foods] Live-Foods Digest, Vol 47, Issue 3

Hi Lee

I'm wondering if your info on amquel killing daphnia was for amquel  
plus or someone was using amquel but did something else to kill their  
culture.  I'd say 1/2 of the facts on the net are derived this way.   
I did this and that and it kill them...  must of be the "This" that  
did it.

I put 9 Daphnia magna each in one ml wells.  Made up a solution of  
cloramX that was 1 teaspoon per gallon.  The first well got 100% new  
solution, the next was culture water and I dipped my wet finger in  
the powder and put that much in the well.

For the rest of the wells I added the following about of solution and  
enough culture water to fill the well to 1 ml.

Well 3 got .1 ml
well 4 got .2 ml
well 5 got .3 ml
well 6 got .4 ml
well 7 got .5 ml
well 8 got .6 ml
well 9 got .7 ml

3 hours later they are all swimming fine.  The well that I added the  
powder directly to gave birth to two offspring.  Could be due to  
stress from the conductivity change or simply the chemical.

I'll run this out to one day and report the results.

Best fishes

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> I was told that Amquel killed daphnia.
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