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Re: [Live-foods] Branchinella thailandensis

Hi Walter

I don't have first hand knowledge of that species but in general raising
Anostraca (fairy and brine shrimp) requires that you need lots of room and
lots of food.

We don't see many people raising brine shrimp to adulthood and doing
multiple generations as a food source.

Again I think it's hard to beat a warm water culture of moina in terms of
production and efficiency.

Let us know what you end up doing.

Here are some seed shrimp (brineshrimp like not ostracods) and fairy shrimp
I found in a tiny mud puddle on the Sarangheti Plane this past February.
They are similar to the Thai shrimp.
The later pictures in the series are me spinning in a circle taking pictures
to show a 360 view.  The photos are mapped so you can zoom in on the map,
click satellite and you can see the tree from space!

A few on the trip were very surprised that I found these, those who knew me
well were like ok just another bug in the water.

Our guides were some of the best natural historians I've ever met and they
showed me some amazing things.  You should have seen their faces when I
showed them the shrimp.  It blew their minds when I showed them a tea cup of
shrimp in the middle of a huge grassy plane.  They had been there hundreds
of times and never looked in the zebra poop filled mud puddles.  The puddle
was on rocks that have been dated to 4.5 billion years old and I bet the
shrimp have been there just a tad bit less.

Best Fishes
David Lains <}}}><
Aquaculturist, Research Assistant
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Does anyone has experience with the Thai fairy shrimp called Branchinella
thailandensis ? 

These animals are offered in cyst eggs form on e-bay and aquaristic sites. I
would like to get a manual how to breed with them.

The only information I have got till now is how to hatch the (expensive)

All help is welcome.


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