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Re: [Live-foods] WANTED: Daphnia Culture in SW Florida

You have two aquarium clubs near you. There is some overla[[ing membership between them. I don't know specific people who have Daphnia cultures in them, but get ahold of their contact people and ask around. The Daphnia they keep is probably native to you area and would probably survive better for that. Arrange to attend a meeting and purchase one from a member.


Who knows, if you couldn't get one there, try:

or maybe through a local university's agricultural extension service.

Aren't there still some fish farms in your area? Would they use Daphnia in their ponds.

As Dave mentioned Sach's Systems are good people. They and other commercial sources will charge more for a culture because they pay the bills for the business. There are undoubtedly other commercial sources in your area and around the country.

If you have rains that fill up dry ditches but fish don't get in them, you might even look there. I might give them a light Flubendazole bath to get rid of hydra and other possible parasites though, ;)

We have a culture of Daphnia floating around the Chicago killie club that was originally taken from a (probably long gone) forest preserve pool (vernal?) 40 to 50 years ago. The advantage, as I'm sure that you know, is that there is far less likelihood of hitch hikers or (a long shot) parasitic worms coming in with the Daphnia.

That is not a slam on Daphnia. Any freshwater aquatic live food collected in the wild could theoretically carry parasites.

That is an attraction of brine shrimp. If they had parasites, those would be geared to very "salty" water. Of course if bs die and rot, one can culturs a great velvet culture.

If you over feed Daphnia, (don't use a power filter) they swim around, eating bacteria, algae, newly hatched bbs and what-have-you in the water column. They may also drop baby Daphnia. That is something your fish can live with. (Once had the Daphnia continue in a planted tank with a small pair of killies for six or eight weeks. When spring temperatures raised the temperature and appetites, there were several relatively good sized fry with the folks.)

Dave's Moina is a tiny daphnia that lives at room temperature. Mine live on greenwater and I just pour part of a culture in with the small fry. Certainly they can be handy too.

All the best and good luck


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To whom it may concern:

I am trying to locate a live daphnia culture to raise and keep daphnia
livestock for personal use (to feed my fish). I am located in
Bradenton/Sarasota, FL. Please contact me with any information.

Thank You,

John Craig
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