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Re: [Live-foods] Culturing Live Foods by Mike Hellweg

I have seen it, read it cover to cover, and am working my way through  
his suggestions to improve my culture techniques.

This is the review I wrote for Amazon:

"This is a terrific, up-to-date resource by Mike Hellweg, a master  
fish breeder whose success with fish is built on his success in  
feeding his fish appropriate live foods.

I've been discussing the culture of various live foods with Mike for  
several years now, and studying a lot of what has been easily  
available on the internet, and even put together my own web page  
reviewing the techniques I've used with my own cultures. But this book  
has already given me new tips and tricks on creatures I thought I knew  
all about, and given me confidence to try some that I've failed with  
in the past. The details are just right to enable success with each  
organism, and there are good sources for more information if you want  
or need it.

This book is also an excellent primer on spawning fish, because  
several species are discussed as easily bred feeders for larger fish.  
Those are tips you can use to propagate those and related species for  
your own enjoyment even if you don't keep predatory fish.

I can't recommend this highly enough for the aquarist who wants to  
keep and spawn happy, healthy fish."

That wasn't written just because I am lucky enough to count Mike as a  
friend, but because I have spent a lot of time trying to put together  
these bits of information on my own, and appreciate so much that he  
has made it simple and accessible.   A couple of years ago, on his  
recommendation, I obtained a copy of Charles Masters' Encyclopedia of  
Live Foods, and while I'm not ready to give it away just yet, Mike's  
book is clearer, more up to date, and where I can judge best from the  
cultures I have kept, his techniques really work.  And, at $30, it's a  
whole lot cheaper than the long-out-of-print Masters volume.

But neither his book nor the Masters volume have good shots at naked- 
eye-resolution of the difference between daphnia and moina.  So I'll  
just have to take some of my own, and post them when I do.

Diane in Los Angeles


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