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[Live-foods] copepods vs. moina

Well moina are small, so you probably do need some magnification. However you can get a direction to go,from some naked eye observations of behavior and detail. Moina like other daphnia swim in a jerky movement, although there was a moina that tended to mimic the motion of oxygen bubbles while swimming upward. Cyclops a common invader, swims in a more business like even line and tends to hang out near surfaces rather than being attracted to the brightest light like moina and other daphnias. Female cyclops carry two black "bags" of eggs alongside their tails, and seem as intent as Halloweeners on going from one spot to another. Male cyclops look like tiny tadpoles. The females also have the tail but their egg sacks make it seem as aif they just have the more obvious  'double black tail" which it of course only is, by appearance not reality.
  So if you see jerky "flea-like"movement -- probably moina
  If you see those two black tails -- cyclops.
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