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Re: [Live-foods] worm food

I use Purina kitten chow for my grindals.  The other thing that works  is 
Purina worm chow, yes, it really does exist.  I ordered a 50 pound bag  (the only 
size available) for  about 13 bucks or so a couple of  years ago.  I lost 
most of it to a coon who ravaged the top off the tote it  was in, which then let 
in some rain, but the cup I had brought inside  survived and lasted a long 
time. The look on the clerk's face when I asked him  about worm chow was 
priceless, and he was really surprised to find out that  Purina does make it.  I think 
it is probably primarily used by bait  farmers.
Carol   < ' )))><

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