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Re: [Live-foods] whiteworms

I don't think there is any way to do white worms well without a refrigerator set to its warmest, or a large wine cooler. This is not just to provide a regular temperature, but to keep unwanted critters out of the whiteworm culture.
  I believe the grit is probably mineral deposits from evporation. As mineralized water evaporates, it leaves gritty mineral deposits behind, usually at the "tips" of clods in the whiteworm bedding. 
  To remove whiteworms from spent bedding, I push it to one side of a worm box, and put new on the other half. Within a day or two, nearly all the worms are in the new bedding, and the old can be put to compost.
  To keep bedding aerated, I put it in a plastic tall kitchen trash bag, and bounce and break the lumps from the outside. If you leave any worms and bedding in the kitchen bag, twist the top so that some air can get inside while it is in the cooler.
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