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Re: [Live-foods] . White worms (REDRAGON40@aol.com)



I have for several years successfully a portion of white worms in my cellar
(temperature is all year round aprox 12° C. -54° Fahrenheit.) I have seen
the white dots before, I am not sure  but it might be eggs. Before I have
had a box infected with mite, little creepy animals that are not favourable
to the white worms, the smell a lirttle like lemon and you see them move.
But the white ?eggs? don?t seem to effect the culture. 

Maybe a good tip: I used to give my white worms bread soaked in milk. For
the last two years I breed them very successful on dry cat food soaked in
water. I am convinced  that this give better and more healthy food for the

I keep the worms in non fertilized plant soil. Only when the soil gets to
fatty I change the soil.

If you have any question, you?re welcome.

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