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Re: [Live-foods] 4 bucket system

Sandy:This was a technique I learned from a good friend, Dean Majorino, several  years ago.  It is possible that I do it slightly differently from the way  he explained, but I don't know since I didn't write it down at the time.   Anyway, this is the way I do it. 4  bucket system for harvesting mosquito larvae Materials: 1. 4  small buckets 2.  leaves and debris from an existing place that has mosquito larvae in  it 3. 4  old nylon stockings 4. a  net or sieve that will catch all but the smallest of mosquito  larvae 5. a  place where panicky neighbors canât see the buckets Set  up: 1.  Place the 4 buckets in one place so they can be poured easily into each  other. (They will  henceforth be called A, B, C, and D). 2.  Place the leaves and debris into a stocking foot and tie it closed  by knotting it.  Then cut off                       the excess stocking.(The debris package will henceforth be called a  âpillowâ) 3.  Place the pillow in A, and fill with water about  full. 4. Let  it sit until you see decent sized larvae in the bucket. 5.  Remove the pillow and pour A into B through the net.  You now have mosquito larvae to  feed to your fish.      6.  Replace the pillow into A and fill with new water about   full. 7.  Make a new pillow and put it in bucket B, and put water in B.  You now have two buckets to watch.   8.  When B has decent sized larvae, repeat the steps and set up bucket  C. 9. Do  the same for bucket D. 10.  The  buckets may need harvesting out of order eventually, but it is easy to  manage. This  method doesn't allow escapees, because when you harvest them, only tiny ones get  through the net.  Just be sure not  to neglect harvesting, because the larvae might then have the opportunity to  hatch into flying mosquitoes.  If  you are going to be away for awhile for some reason, you can stop the system by  emptying all the buckets through the net onto the ground, (where the tiny larvae  canât survive), and leave the buckets empty until you return, at which time you  can set them up again. Carol    < ' )))><

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