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[Live-foods] Daphnia

Daphnia does seem to be one of the best live foods. It can be enhanced by what it eats. I feed mine a mix of peas, beets, paprika and a human vitamin tablet for seniors. I blend it in a Vitamix to get the right size particles. Household blender tend to wear out every couple months when used to produce this food. The daphnia food also works great to moisten microworm cultures. The worms turn a yellow color but lose it if they are floating in the fry tank uneaten. Microwoms have an advantage for fry like corydoras that tend to stay near the bottom. Rotifers are truly better than brine for fry with very small mouths, and for others too! The marine rotifers stay alive long enough in fresh water to be eaten. One key to mass production of rotifers is the sessile generation of the Cassiopia jelly.They eat every rotifer so they are great to keep the green water cultures pure.  
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