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Re: [Live-foods] Live-Foods Digest, Vol 42, Issue 3

     I admit that I have been a lurker around here. I have only been in this great hobby for a little over 55 years and have been the president of an aquarium club (In the past) for over 20 years and am now a member of twp aquarium clubs here in Western Taxachussetts and Connecticut.
       I have built a couple of fish rooms in the past and will be building one again as soon as I can afford to. My cash flow is flowing faster out than is right now LOL.
       Right now I only have daphnia growing for live foods but when I get my fish room going I will put in a tank of either dwarf pike cichlids or leaf fish (the culls will be live foods for them).I am planning on raising American cichlids (especially the smaller ones and also Altum Angelfish (I have a 150 gallon tank that will be set up for them. I will then be growing several types of live foods for the fry. Hopefully it will not take too much longer to get started on my fish room. 


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