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Re: [Live-foods] Introductions

I am Carol Ross.  I live in SE Pennsylvania and am membership  chair and 
editor of The Buckette for my home club, the Bucks County Aquarium  Society. I am 
also a member of the ALA, AKA, PABS, JSAS, NJAS, and DCAS,  although I don't 
attend them regularly.  I was also a member of PVAS until  this year.  I 
currently am culturing grindal worms, microworms, and  fruitflies.  For several 
years, I harvested tremendous quantities of  daphnia in an old 4000 gallon 
swimming pool, but I have never had success  raising them indoors.  In the summer, I 
harvest mosquito larvae (in a four  bucket system that almost guarantees no 
escapees), and raise daphnia in a 100  gallon tub.  
Carol   < ' )))><

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