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[Live-foods] Fairy Shrimp

Last June I collected what I thought were daphnia from a slow-moving local
stream.  I treated them just as I would daphnia and they multiplied.  But
there was something different about them.

Today I finally examined them under magnification and found that they were
shrimp.  OK, I thought, they are fairy shrimp.  But upon checking further I
found that fairy shrimp are creatures of vernal pools that dry up in the
summer, and their eggs need to dry out and re-hydrate before they will
hatch.  Also, the literature says that adults are 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch in

The shrimp that I have came from a stream that doesn't dry up, and the
largest are no more than 1/8 inch in length.  

Does anyone know what kid of shrimp these might be?



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