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Re: [Live-foods] Live-Foods Digest, Vol 41, Issue 4

Hi, Carol,

Yes, Lyme disease can be a serious illness to some of those people who get
it.  My point (or one of them) was that it and other relatively uncommon
"diseases of the moment" get overhyped by the media, and in some cases cause
reactions by people who should know better, such as those local politicians
who make it a crime to raise daphnia in one's back yard or parents who
instill a fear of the outdoors in their children.

There other incurable diseases that get less media attention around here
than does one rabid raccoon.  Today I'm thinking of MS, of which a friend is
dying, but there are a good many others, like fibro.

I have two friends who have fibromyalgia.   They have no problem in getting
the tests and treatment that they need, and their insurance carriers pay for
their treatments without complaint.  I'm sure that the doctors and hospitals
love them. 


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