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Re: [Live-foods] Daphnia Disaster

Hi Robert

It's always worse for the individual who comes down with the illness but
when you consider the impact to the population as a whole most of the
response in the media is hysteria.

An anvil falling on your head is deadly but unless you are a coyote with a
sworn enemy who's a road runner you're safe.

Just look at west nile and all the hype.  Yes if you are a certain
demographic it would be very bad if you got it.  This same demographic is
also likely to die if they get influenza.  Yet many more die from influenza
a year than west nile yet we pay millions to spray pesticides in the ponds,
bogs and daphnia pools of this country to keep hysteria at bay.  Most people
who get west nile think they got a little bug or didn't even know they had

After west nile hit the news Louisiana got $14 million dollars to spray for
mosquitoes.  Did it do any good?  Yes, if you're a nozzle head spraying the
swamps or if it calms your hysteria.

I'm with Bill it's largely hysteria.

Best Fishes

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"Bill" wrote, in part:

<<We survived... Lyme
disease, and similar hysterias that were spawned, in part, by the media.>>

Consider them to be hysterias as you wish, but two people on my street have
come down with Lyme, the latest is not yet recovered after more than two
weeks in the hospital and much longer at home since.  He may not make it
long term.  What is "hysteria" to some is deadly serious to others.

Please think before you write.


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