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Re: [Live-foods] epidemics

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Here in  SE PA we no longer hear of dead birds falling from the sky, and only
rarely  of people coming down with West Nile.  We survived  so-called
"epidemics" of rabid raccoons, swine flu, equine sleeping  sickness, Lyme
disease, and similar hysterias that were spawned, in part,  by the media.
But there will be another one, no doubt.
As someone who has had Lyme disease and as a result, looked into it, I can  
tell you that Lyme (LD) may not technically be an epidemic in the usual  sense 
of the word, but it is certainly widespread.  I am a teacher in Bucks  County 
and in my elementary school, several of our teachers or their  families had 
LD, our playground aid had LD, many of our students had LD,  and even some of 
our pets have been diagnosed with it. In my own circle of  friends and my 
family, there were 4 relatives with LD, and 11 friends.  One  of my friends had to 
be on intravenous antibiotics for over a year, and has  neurologic and other 
health problems that are permanent.  Until she was  finally recognized as having 
LD , the mother of one of our teachers was  incapable of walking, and had 
organ damage and dementia.  After lengthy  treatment she can now walk with a cane 
and has most of her brain function back,  but has permanent organ damage.  It 
is highly endemic to SE PA and all of  NJ.  Chester County is particularly 
high in case incidence.  One of  the reasons there is so much disagreement in 
the medical community is because  the health insurance companies don't want to 
pay for anything that requires  lengthy treatment or is not diagnosable for 
certain, such as  fibromyalgia, and the Lyme tests are not foolproof.  About 50% 
of the  results that do not show LD are actually false.  My friend who was on  
intravenous antibiotics has never tested positive on the standard tests, nor 
did  one of my friends' father.  His autopsy, however showed that he was 
filled  with the nasty spirochetes that cause it.  Sorry, just thought you should  
Carol   < ' )))><

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