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Re: [Live-foods] fruit flies

Dave writes:

Long  ago, about 15BC (Before (personal) Computers), I gave away 
wingless  starters and culture directions.  Here is what I recall of 
the  process:

Medium:  Boil cornmeal, oatmeal in water , let cool, add  agar to 
stiffen (optional), when body temp add  propionic acid (mold  
inhibitor, stir well), orange juice (optional), then baker's yeast 
and  a multivitamin tablet (pre-ground up).  
Thanks for your detailed instructions.  Unfortunately, I am so used to  the 
convenience of the commercial culture medium, I don't want to get involved  in 
cooking up medium when I need it.  It is so much more convenient just to  pour 
out the commercial stuff, add water and voila!  I was hoping to find a  
recipe for something like the commercial stuff, so I could store it dry and just  
mix it when I needed it.  I'm lazy, so I guess I'll just have  to continue 
buying the premixed stuff.
Carol   < ' )))><


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