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Re: [Live-foods] Live-Foods Digest, Vol 40, Issue 3

Dan writes:

You  might opt for better flies. Different strains grow faster. In my 
experience  wild (winged) fruit flies reproduce so quickly that the medium is 
consumed  before any mold can start, and plain instant potato flake is all you need . 
I  set the winged flies in the refrigerator to knock them out, but as soon as 
 warm air reaches them, they revive, so you have to be quick and get them  
soaked before they can fly away. If winged flies are not for you, try several  
different wingless  or flightless strains until you find one or two that  work 
A friend of mine uses regular wild flies, traps them in a bag and freezes  
them.  She says it works very well.  I will try the potato flakes with  my 
flightless flies.  Perhaps microwaving the flakes and using boiled  distilled water 
would help with the mold problem.
Carol   < ' )))><

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