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Re: [Live-foods] Grindal worm media


        In India I found coco peat too acidic. You have to wash it well
if the media is black. The fresh fibres also give off a lot of salt. Wash 
the media very well, maybe try soaking in water for a day and then

        My Grindal bed was made of fresh mud mixed with some coco
peat and its still full of worms after many years. I use baby formula
for feed.


>I have been using a Lizard bedding material (coco fibers) that I got from
>Petsmart successfully for a few years now, but the last brick I got
>practically failed.  I used a different brand of Lizard bedding brick. I
>thought that they were pretty much the same stuff, but obviously some brand
>may be different.  Some may have additives that grindal worms don't like.
>Have anyone had a similar experience?  

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