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Re: [Live-foods] Black Worms


Have you considered buying from a place like

I see that a pound of worms (owing to the cost of fuel and shipping) has gone up a tad since I last ordered from that first site. I'm guessing that you are Canadian and I do not know what customs may do. If they hold on to black worms like they do boxes of fish, forget it.

If you are from Canada, you might Google for a blackworm farm up your way.

The other tricky thing is that a pound of blackworms requires a lot of flat space in a refrigerator. If you have an old refrigerator in the basement (in our case, what basement?) or a refugee student refrigerator from a dorm (look for ads in college towns when the students are moving out after a session) they might do well and contribute to domestic tranquility.

I have had considerable success keeping an ounce or so of black worms in each of those blue worm keepers. See 
(Order accessories separately from the worms at a lesser postage.)

Two of those slip nicely under the cold-cut drawer in our kitchen refrigerator and my lady will tolerate what she can't see. I'm very grateful for that. She wouldn't go for 10-12 of those boxes in there. ;) 

I would always put in a good word for culturing Daphnia too. In the summer here (northern Illinois) I feed more Daphnia than blackworms. If it has gone a few generations in the hobby, it isn't going to offer much of a threat as a disease vector, though wild caught Daphnia might. (There is less danger if the collecting pond has no connection to waters with fish.) And, if the Daphnia is cultured in the shade (where airborne predators will be a lot less likely to see a reflection and colonize the thing) the cultures (always have at least 2-3 of any culture) are more stable and less likely to harbor "surprises",

If you are from the Great White North, would you let us know if mailing worms from across the border is viable?

Good luck and all the best!


nick gesner <annikita at sasktel_net> wrote: HI
I'm looking for a source of black worms . If you have some for sale 
please contact me .
I'm haveing a hard time feeding my Betta channoidese .
Thank You
Nick Gesner

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