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[Live-foods] cultures of Rotifers and cladocera

I wish to establish cultures of some Rotifers and some cladoceran. I catchthe zooplankton in plankton net, but they all die within 48 hours after Itake them out. In the sample I take out of the lake there are copepods,cladocera and rotifera, and I try to isolate these 3 groups into 3 deferentcultures tanks (2 liter), I put as a medium the lake water that I filter in20µm mash, and I give them as food a yeast solution- but still they diewithin 48 hours!
My questions are:
1.	What medium do you use?2.	What do you feed them (and what is the recommend amount)3.	what is the density?4.	do you use aeration in the culture?
And if you have a my more tips, I'll be very thankful,
Have a nice day,
:-)Tamar Bsor
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