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[Live-foods] Rotifer cultures

I've run a culture in a pair of 10 gallon tanks.  The older tank is the
one I harvest from, until the second tank reaches a high density of
rotifers.  Then dump the older tank and restart it from the newer tank.
 Takes a couple of weeks to flip.  My daily usage consists of putting  a
couple of cups of rotifer water into my (clownfish) rearing tank, and
then replacing that water with a couple of cups from the rearing tank.

Because I'm putting rearing tank water into the culture system, there's
a chance I'll contaminate my cultures.  But restarting the culture every
few weeks protects against that.

I learned about this from The Plankton Culture Manual by Frank Hoff,
which I got from Reed Mariculture along with my starter culture.

Of course, I accidentally let both cultures crash shortly after raising
my first brood of clownfish.  I was feeding them a preserved algae
solution, and forgot to return the algae bottle to the refrigerator.
The algae spoiled, and without food the rotifers were all dead in 48


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