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[Live-foods] Re: Glassworms

From: REDRAGON40 at aol_com Subject: [Live-foods] glassworms

I have a few questions regarding glassworms. I have never actively sought to
collect them, however, this year they turned up in good numbers in my daphnia
tubs, and not just in cold weather, but all through the summer. They are
still out there in smaller numbers, at present, because when I brought a few
scoops of daphnia in to establish my winter inside culture, there are glassworms
with them. My questions are:

1.  Does anyone have an idea why I have not had any glassworms in my cultures
for the last three years, and then, all of a sudden they turn up in the
summer when they are supposed to be cold, even icy water denizens?

2. Another thing that has been in my daphnia tubs are what appear to be
eggs. They are not mosquito rafts, but individual, teardrop shaped black tiny
floating objects. I wonder if they could be the eggs of glassworms, since this is
the first year I have seen them, also. I wasn't able to find a description
of glassworm eggs, but I have put some of these things in clean water to see
what, if anything, hatches from them.

Carol Ross

Glassworms are predatory, and they are feeding on your Daphnia. Glassworms are the larvae of a kind of a midge. The eggs sound like Daphnia "resting" or winter eggs, also called ephippia. They float and are easily picked up by ducks and carried to other bodies of water. They can be kept dry for years.
Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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