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[Live-foods] Re: Live-Foods Digest, Vol 1, Issue 3

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:52:18 -0700 From: "Cory Pedersen" <cory at angelcom_com>

Don't bury the compost enclosed in nylon.  Nylon gives off a
substance that harms aquatic plants.  A better thing to do would be
to extract the nutrients from the compost by soaking the compost in
water, then carefully draining off the water and letting it settle in
a plastic shoe box for about a week before adding the water to the

Then I'm feeding the plants not the roots. If that's the case why don't I add a little miracle gro to my planted aquarium? I want to stick it in something so when I put it in the tank it doesn't turn my water all brown.

Extract from compost will have all the nitrogen in the form of nitrate. Miracle-gro will have a lot of its nitrogen as ammonia, which can be toxic if not added carefully and in small amounts. If you were to bury unextracted compost, a lot that nitrate nitrogen would be lost via denitrification---converted to N2 by bacteria that utilize NO3 as an oxygen source when O2 is not available.

Extracted compost works well under gravel primarily to keep iron available to plant roots.

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