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Re: blackworms

They are raised in quantity, around here, as well as living wild in our 
local rivers. See http://aquaticfoods.com/worms.html for some interesting 
commentary and links.

Home rearing has not been practical for most folks, because it needs a 
huge flow of fresh cold water to do it well. Tubifex can tolerate more 
pollution, so can be raised in 10G tanks with sand substrate, heavy 
aeration and frequent water changes.

I used to buy a pound at a time, divided them between two of the blue worm 
keepers and kept them in the refrigerator. By using from them alternate 
days, and changing the water when I did, I could keep them healthy and 
lively for a month or so. Better than labor-intensive culturing, IMHO.

BTW, my LFS charges US$7.99/lb, which shows how nice it is to live near 
the source.


> Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 07:43:03 -0800
> From: "Matt & Linda Crocker" <crockerm at peak_org>
> Subject: blackworms
>     Anybody culture these successfully?  My fish love 'em and they are
> easy to feed.  What are the downfalls to raising them?
> Matt

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