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Re: Encyclopedia of Live foods

>   Hello, my name is Sarah Atchison and I currently work for The Bug Farm.
>We specialize in raising fresh water tropical fish and live food cultures.
>I was wondering if someone knew were I could find a book called Encyclopedia
>of Live Foods.  ISBN #0-87999-093-6.  If someone would please let me know
>where I might be able to purchase a copy, that would be great.  Thank you so
>much for your time.
Just look it up at Amazon.com.  It is still in print, and available 
new or used for a considerable sum of money.  It covers just about 
everything that can be fed to fish, including things like millipedes 
that I never would have thought of as fish food.
Paul Krombholz in central Mississippi, where we might get soggy again today.