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Re: Small Aquatic Red worms

I could be mistaken, but I don't think they are tubifex. I keep them pretty
much as the company suggests. I have them in several 1-quart jars with loose
lids.  I put about 100 worms into the jar with about 2/3rds full of aquarium
water, and feed them one pellet of trout chow every couple of days.  The
population increases over a period of several weeks, then eventually crashes
and I start the jar over again fresh. I never change the water. The place
that sells them say they do best being fed bits of raw fish, which I have
not tried. It does take several weeks to get them going, they are not hugely
prolific.  I've kept them going for at least 6 months now.


> ------------------------------
> Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 15:51:36 EST
> From: Billinet at aol_com
> Subject: Re: Small Aquatic Red worms
> Hello, Jennifer.
> The only "small aquatic red worms" that I've ever heard of are tubifex
> but a lot of things are new to me, so . . . .
> I sent an email to the company this morning asking for more information.
> I'll pass it along when I get it.
> Do you have a self-sustaining culture?  For how long have you been
> maintaining it?  Do you really just put them in a quart jar and more or
> forget about them, as the company suggests?
> Thanks.
> Bill