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Harvesting White / Grindal Worms


If you want an easy and clean way to harvest White /Grindal Worms
Use the following method

Go to Wall-Mart and buy a piece of plastic cross stitch plastic

1. Cut one or more pieces off  about 2 - 2 1/2 in wide by about 4 - 5 in
2. Cover the top of the worm culture with two layers of just damp paper
3. Lay one or more pieces of the cut piece(s) of X-stitch on top of the
paper toweling
4. Place the worm food in a narrow band on the paper toweling around three
of the edges of plastic X-cross stitch material - not on the plastic X-cross

When the worms congregate to eat the food they will over flow on to the
plastic X-stitch material
To harvest the worms just swish the plastic X-stitch in a container of water
and feed them to what ever you want

You will need to replace the paper toweling every once in a while the worms
will eat it over time

ghemsath at att_net
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Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 15:59:22 EST
From: Billinet at aol_com
Subject: Re: A Dummy Question

Hi, Tomoko!

That was a great idea about luring Grindal worms to small pieces of bread.
That sounds a lot easier than scraping them up with a knife like I do.  I'm
going to try it.

A question:  I thought that the worms needed wet or damp food; supposedly
they can't ingest dry food.  Do you moisten the bread at all?

And another one:  Is white bread by itself sufficiently nutritious or do you
supplement it?  You mentioned adding some fish food but suggested that it

And on microworms:  I still think it is a lot easier to rub them off the
sides of the container with a finger and swish that in the aquarium.  It
takes almost no time and you can barely feel them.

Thanks for the information.