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Re: White Worm Cultures

>Where do you get the coconut fiber?

I get mine at Petsmart, but I think alot of stores carry this. Here's 
a link to give you an idea of what it looks like: 
=6504 It's less expensive through Dr. Foster's and Smith above, but 
only if you're ordering something else anyway because the shipping 
will get you.

Bed-a-beast comes in two forms. One type isn't as finely shredded and 
has larger pieces. The other is finely shredded and is the one I use.

Great stuff, but warning - one small brick makes ALOT. It should cost 
in the neighborhood of $5 to $7 for a brick. You just rehydrate the 
brick in hot water. I let whatever is left dry out, then I bag it for 
later use. I've been using this for whiteworms and redworms with very 
good results.


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