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Re: Mite Infestation Solutions

I had a similar problem with mites in my white worm cultures. The 
mites were thick and seemed impossible to get rid of. I read on the 
web somewhere that adding a few redworms to the culture discourages 
mites. I was skeptical, but since I raise them anyway I thought I'd 
try it. No more mites at all. I should mention that I also switched 
to shredded coconut fiber as a growing medium. Whether that made any 
difference, I don't know. I suspect that there may be something to 
the redworm thing. They probably quickly clean up any leftovers that 
the mites might be attracted to. It's been at least five months and 
still no sign of mites.

Redworms seem to like the same conditions/temps as the whiteworms, so 
it works out well.

The only downside, if it is one, is that I have several redworms 
(maybe ten now) mixed in with my culture. They will breed a little in 
there, but not too much. More fish food I guess.

Certainly worth a try anyway.